Three Cities Tableware
After years spent living in London, San Francisco and New York, one couple commissioned a more lasting memento of their travels. The brief was to capture the essence of all three cities as a collection of bespoke tableware.
The approach
Keen to avoid the obvious icons of each city, the creative instead focused on the couples daily pastimes. Main themes including kite surfing, cookery and a shared love of Japan.
After several rounds of sketching and shared ideas, we decided to create a Japanese inspired set of serving dishes and drinking cups. Each city was to be represented by a patterned band, referencing something environmental; either a place of work or notable landmark. An accompanying motif would then depict something emotional, either a pastime or a personal love or connection.

For the Santa Monica pattern, a design was built around the profile of the pier, while the motif referenced the sea and the surf. The New York band took inspiration from the skyline, the bowl design picking up on a shared love of coffee. Finally, the London designs focused on the landmarks local to the couple's places of work and their East London home. Their initials included as a final custom touch.