Lights. Corian. Action
Certain designs are hard to categorise. Functional Art Installation might best describe this particular piece. At nearly a metre in diameter and crafted of solid Corian, this is hotel standard lighting on a very personal scale.
Inspired by Annie Friend's strong and striking shelving designs, this light was designed to link the rooms of her client's Art Deco apartment. Mounted amidst an array of sumptuous materials and fittings, the feel and finish of the piece was as crucial as the design itself. Glacier Ice White Corian was chosen for it’s translucency and durability.

CNC machines were used to carve the solid front fascia. A thermo-formed Corian shell provides the structure’s seam-free strength. Once illuminated, a spiral of dimmable LED’s provide a flawless distribution of true white light. This contemporary piece of Art Deco elegance, truly is hotel standard lighting for one clients exclusive use.

Studio photography by Andy Carver. Music by Ben Lord